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Excellent qualitative research in Germany


Qualitative market research is the primary focus of our work. We are experienced in a wide range of qualitative research approaches, business sectors and target groups, covering all product development and lifecycle phases. We are equally familiar with research in consumer and B2B segments.


Focus groups:
Standard, mini, triad or extended focus groups in Germany and international ... [more]


Depth and expert interviews:
Experience with a wide range of B2B and consumer target groups ... [more]


Online focus groups and bulletin boards:
Focus groups and bulletin boards online in many countries and languages ... [more]


Studio / hall tests:
For product, packaging and taste tests, as well as website usability tests, etc. ... [more]


Special research techniques:
For creating successful brand positioning and communication strategies ... [more]


We also offer a wide range of further qualitative research services and facilities:

  • Use of modern, attractive studio facilities in most major German cities, with separate viewing and audio/video recording capabilities.
  • Experienced telephone and face-to-face recruiters for all kinds of target groups including doctors, IT professionals, senior managers, children etc.
  • Qualified psychologists for moderation of focus groups.
  • Interviewers experienced in depth research techniques.
  • A pool of expert interpreters for simultaneous translation.
  • Transcripts and reporting in a range of formats.
  • An international network of qualitative research partners for multi-country projects.


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